Student Case Study #5 - Jarleth Eaton

Tuesday 16-08-2016 - 22:37

“Getting involved with NTSU gives you opportunities to make friendships with people who are into the same things as you, and it can open more doors than you might imagine.”

Jarleth Eaton, BA Broadcast Journalism 2012-2015.

Jarleth Eaton

Jarleth Eaton

Flym FM Presenter / DJ


When did you get involved in NTSU?

As soon as I got the grades to get into NTU, I was already looking at joining the student radio station, Fly FM. In my first year, I was given a two-hour show, then in second year, I was appointed Head of Programming. Leading the programming team I made all decisions involving on-air talent and content on the station before being appointed Head of Sport in my third year. This involved leading all sports content on the station, including overseeing coverage of the biggest Varsity Series in the UK.


In what capacity are you involved in NTSU?

In my second year I joined the NTSU Entertainments team as a DJ. After a couple of sets, I was asked to DJ at First Base, our weekly Wednesday night pre-bar at the Students Union. In my third year, I started DJing the warm up sets for our two big club nights, Double Vision at The Point and Climax in the main SU. I also started hosting the weekly Sunday night quiz at The Point. After graduating, I continue to warm up for Climax on Saturdays and host The Point quiz on Sundays, but I also DJ at Fluid, our main Friday night event over at Brackenhurst campus, on a fortnightly basis.


What impact did being involved in NTSU have on your time at university?

It certainly had a massive impact. Being involved with Fly FM gave me the confidence to be successful in my university studies. I did Broadcast Journalism at university, and the experience of presenting, news reading and off-air marketing for Fly FM helped me develop my voice and skillset to go out into the wider world of work. The DJing was a lot of fun, and it is nice to still be involved with the SU and see people that I know from my university days.


Do you feel it is helped with your personal development?

Massively. This is probably where it has the most impact. When I first came to university, and I thought I only needed a bit of polish to be the finished article. But being around a number of talented individuals in student radio who are now presenting professionally on Capital, Absolute Radio and Radio X, to name but a few, showed me just how much work I needed to do to get to their level. It was also great to gain friendships with people who were “radio nerds” like me! Where DJing is concerned, again, being around very talented DJs helped me gain a lot of friendships and also helped me become a better DJ.


Do you feel you would not have got your current job without your experience you gained through NTSU?

Well, I still work for the Students’ Union DJing, so most definitely not! I also currently work for BBC Radio Nottingham on their sport programme, Matchday. I certainly wouldn’t have made the industry contacts if I hadn’t joined Fly FM. The real life experience I gained from working on Varsity programmes and also driving and producing shows on Fly definitely helped me to get the role. You may get a first in your degree but if you have no experience you might not get the jobs in radio and TV. Student radio is being recognised more in the industry these days, so working within it certainly helped me get into the job that I am currently in.


Would you recommend that other students get involved with NTSU?

Most definitely. There are so many societies to choose from that there will be something for you. In addition, it gives you opportunities to make friendships with people who are into the same things as you, something which can’t be underestimated. Futhermore, it can open more doors than you might imagine. I certainly didn’t think I would be a regular DJ with NTSU four years ago!


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