Student Case Study #7 - Josh Wells

Monday 28-11-2016 - 12:03

It's good to be part of a wider community and to give something back where you can

Josh Wells

Green Leader project funding winner


When did you get involved in NTSU?

I became involved in NTSU after applying for the Green Leaders grant.


In what capacity are you involved with NTSU?

I am currently planning to install large woody debris (LWD) in watercourses around Brackenhurst as part of my PhD project to assess the impacts on flood risk. LWD has wider benefits, so the project also aims to increase biodiversity in the streams. I hope it will have a positive impact with lag times between peak rainfall and peak discharge reduced. In addition, research opportunities will be increased and students will have the opportunity to volunteer. This is being funded by a £1,000 NTU Green Leaders grant.


What impact has being involved in NTSU had on your time at university?

At the moment my project is still developing. However, it has been good to meet new people and find out what else is going on within NTSU. The Environment Agency, Southwell Flood Forum, Trent River Trust and NTSU are all involved within the project, so it has really helped me to build a professional network.


Do you feel it has helped with your personal development?

Yes. I had to give a presentation in order to access the funding, so it has allowed me to develop my presentation skills and fund raising skills.


Do you think being involved in NTSU is helping you prepare for life after university?

Yes, this has helped with my networking as I have the opportunity to meet new people and members of the NTSU. The PhD project itself has allowed me to meet a number of professionals within the field alongside multiple agencies and groups who are involved within flood risk management.


Would you recommend that other students get involved in NTSU?

Yes, because it’s good to be a part of a wider community and to give something back where you can.



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