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We are the award-winning Platform Magazine, your one-stop for all things Trent! Are you an NTU student with a passion for writing, photographing, designing or anything in between? Then we are the society for you! This is your big chance to get your talents seen, whilst improving your skills with the help of our editors. Why not give it a go? We always welcome new members.

Once you have paid your membership simply request to join our Platform Magazine Members group on Facebook to get started!

Committee members:

Editor-in-Chief / President: Faith Pring

Deputy Editor: Jamie Morris

Head of Marketing: Sam Phillips

Head of Design: Meg Chadderton

Deputy Design: Sophie Puffet

News Editor: Olimpia Zagnat

Fashion Editor: Lollie Hancock

Culture and Entertainment Editor: Katie Green

Travel and Lifestyle Editor: Jessica Goddard

Music Editor: Alex Mace

Sports Editor: Alex Brinton

Creative Corner Editor: Emilie Mendham

Social Secretary: George Cowell

Treasurer: Emily Braeger

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