Your Representatives

There are a range of different people that are here to represent you whilst you study at Nottingham Trent University - and, as every one of them is a Trent student just like you, they are best placed to make sure that you are getting everything you want from your university experience.


Full-Time Executive Officers

The Executive Team (more commonly known as the Exec) is led by the President, and are all elected by students in the annual Exec Elections. Our five Vice Presidents, who look after specific areas within NTSU. These six positions are all full-time and paid, so that the students filling these roles are able to take a year out from their studies (or immediately after they graduate) to give their undivided attention to running your union.

Bradley Fox President Email | Twitter | Facebook | 0115 848 2913
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Jack Purdie Vice President Activities Email | Twitter | Facebook | 0115 848 2915
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Liv Broad Vice President Community and Welfare Email | Twitter | Facebook | 0115 848 2916
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Afua Acheampong Vice President Education Email | Twitter | Facebook | 0115 848 2914
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Shak John-Lewis Vice President Postgraduate Email | Twitter | Facebook | 0115 848 2917
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Ollie Judd Vice President Sport Email | Twitter | Facebook | 0115 848 2918
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Part-Time Executive Officers

In addition to our six full-time Officers, three part-time Campus Liaison Officers represent each of our three campuses. These students are volunteering alongside their studies at NTU to provide the Executive Team with the most up to date student perspective possible. Being a Campus Liaison Officer can be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Vacant Role
Brackenhurst Liaison Officer (VACANT) Email | Facebook

Equality & Diversity Officers

Although the Exec are tasked with wider responsibility over all of the departments at NTSU, without the day-to-day expertise and hard work of the Equality & Diversity Officers, many of these services simply could not exist.

Elected alongside the other officers in term 2, these full-time students volunteer many hours every week to ensure the smooth running of some of our most important activities and committees that cater for a range of student demographics here at NTSU.

Being an Equality & Diversity Officer can be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Officer for Disability & Accessibility (VACANT)
Officer for Student Parents & Carers (VACANT)

Officer for Ethnic Minorities (VACANT)

Emily Binks Officer for Mature, Postgraduate & Non-traditional Learning | Email
Rachel Saunders Officer for Gender | Email
Elouise Oldfield Officer for Sexuality | Email
Rebecca Nyasha Mamhende Officer for International Students | Email